Catering & Meal Prep

Need a stellar spread for your next event?
JSK has got you covered!

While keeping southern roots at our core, JSK enjoys exploring foreign, fusion, fine, and plan-based cuisines – all the while creating our own signature dishes & condiments.

See the menu below for party sizes 30-80 as well as meal prep menu options.
If you have smaller/larger party sizes or would like to request other dishes, email for custom menus and quotes.

Catering Menus

Quoted catering prices include food costs per person. Include additional requests such as wait service, tray passing, and food line servers in your catering request to get an accurate and timely quote.

Menus are subject to change without notice. Send any requests for custom menu items and quotes to

Meal Prep Menus

Get started with an introductory call:

Be sure to leave any details about your event: dates, food preferences/restrictions, party size, location, etc.

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